Du Lundi au Samedi, Midi et Soir jusqu’à 22H.

Les Menus du Jour* à composer selon votre choix :
Menu entrée/plat : 22,50 €
Menu plat/dessert : 21,50 €
Menu entrée/plat/dessert : 26,50 €
*Menus du Jour  servis pour 10 convives maximum
Pour toute réservation de groupe une proposition personnalisée vous sera proposée
par notre service commercial

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Bol of Fresh  Salad  9 €
Mix of Raw and Cooked Vegetables,
Slice of  Home-Made Bread, Marinated Fresh Salmon, Cream Cheese

Sashimi of  "Bölmo" Salmon Wasabi Vinaigrette 16 €
Fillet of Fresh Norwegian Salmon, Ginger,
Rocket Salad and Sesame

Small Sardine in Oil   19 €
"Real Conservera Espagnola", Toasted Bread, Butter with Yuzu

Cocotte " Iberico" Egg with Petals of Cured Ham  11 €
Crushed Tomatoes and Chorizo Sausage Mousse

Rabbit and Duck Foie Gras "Pâté-Croûte" 17 € 
Vice World Champion 2012
Winner 2013 of "Confrérie du Pâté-Coûte" Price

Small Purple Artichokes in Barigoule Style  13 €
Pistou Sauce, Arugula, Cured Ham from Pata Negra, Parmesan

Plate of  "Palette Bellota Cinco Jotas" 17 €
Shoulder of Iberian Pig, 24 months of refining
Toasted Country Bread, Crushed Tomatoes


Half Saint Marcellin  "R. Richard"  5 €

Strained Cottage Cheese  4,50 €
Plain, with Cream or Mised Berry Coulis


Peach Melba   8 € 
Vanilla Ice-Cream, Red Berries Coulis, Whipped Cream

Strawberries "Cradinale" Style 9 €
Vanilla Ice-Cream, Whipped Cream, Red Berries Coulis

Dark "Valrhona" Chocolate Lava Cake 8 € 
Cottage Cheese Sorbet, Tuile Biscuit with Cocoa Nibs

Raspberry and Passion Fruit Tart  8 €
Home-Made Strawberry Sorbet and Coulis

Crispy "Mi-Choco-Caramel"  8 €
With its Foaming Milk

Mango Cocktail "Pina Colada"   8 €
Fresh Mango, Mango Sorbet, Coconut Foam,
Home-Made Café Curl

Bowl of Fresh Red Berries 9 €
Served on its Own, Red Berries Coulis or Isigny Cream PAO with Vanilla

Home-Made Sorbets, Large Almont Tuile Biscuit  8 €

Sligthly Warm Madeleine with Honey   8 €
Bitter Orange Coulis, Vanilla Ice Cream

Gourmet Coffee  5 €
Coffee or Decaffeinated Expresso served with
a selection of  3 "Petits Fours"

  • Entrées

  • Plats
    Main Course

  • Fromages & desserts
    Cheese & Dessert