Du Lundi au Samedi, Midi et Soir jusqu’à 22H.

Les Menus du Jour à composer selon votre choix :
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ou Plat du Jour / Dessert du Jour : 23,50 €
Menu Entrée du Jour / Plat du Jour / Dessert du Jour : 27,90 €

*Menus du Jour  servis pour 10 convives maximum
Pour toute réservation de groupe une proposition personnalisée vous sera proposée
par notre service commercial au 04 37 45 45 48

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Bowl of Fresh Salad   9 €
Mix of Raw and Cooked Vegetables
Slice of  Home-Made Bread, Marinated Fresh Salmon, Cream Cheese

Sashimi of  "Bömlo" Salmon Wasabi Vinaigrette   16 €
Fillet of Fresh Norwegian Salmon, Ginger,
Rocket Salad and Sesame

Plate of Delicatessen from Corsica   17 €
Home-Made Delicatessen "U Lugo" from Muracciole
Coppa, Lonzu, Sausage, Cured Ham

Cocotte " Iberico" Egg with Petals of Cured Ham   11 €
Crushed Tomatoes and Chorizo Sausage Mousse

Rabbit and Duck Foie Gras "Pâté-Croûte"  17 € 

​Sea Bream Tartare with Spices   14 €
​Spinach Shoots and Parmesan Shortbread

Pan-Fried Scallops of Duck Foie Gras   16 €
​Fresh Peas and Cream Soup



Filet of Sea Bass Unilateral Cooked   26 €
Pan Fried fennel and Artichoke, Virgin Citrus Fruit Oil

Sole "Meunière"   42 €
500g almost, cutting in front of you
Steaming Potatoes

Gilthead Bream Fillet with Lemon Confit   18 €
Marinade with Sumac, Ginger and Saffron, Crushed Potatoes

Roasted Cod Loin   21 €
Minestrone of Vegetables with Sage
Coco Beans from Paimpol and Pata Negra Cured Ham

Half-Cooked Bluefin Tuna with Sesame   25 €
​Lightly Cooked Crunchy Vegetables with Fres Coriander


Home-Made Pike and Scalopps Quenelle   24 €
Whipped Cream Homardine Sauce, Basmati Rice

"La Bouchée à la Reine du 33"   27 €
Chicken Oyster, Pike Quenelle, Calf Sweetbread, Morel

Risotto with Pasta and King Prawns   24 €
​King Prawns from Madagascar and Cooking Juice


Roasted Farmer Supreme of Chicken with Morels   23 €
Creamy Sauce with White Port Wine, Basmati Rice

Large Veal Escalope Milanese  27 €
Baked Gnocchetti Pasta "à la Niçoise"

Pan Fried "Argentina" Beef Entrecote Steak  26,50 €
Fresh Spinaches, Home French Fries
Served with Roasted Marrowbone  31 €

Charolais Beef Tartar 17,50 €
Condiments mixed in the Kitchen or on the side, Classic or Cesar
220 gr nearly, Home French Fries and Green Salad

Calf's Liver "à la Lyonnaise"   25 €
Maurice Trolliet, Halles de Lyon
​Home-Made Mashed Potatoes and Vinegar Juice

Griled Kidney and Sweetbread   28 €
​Home-Made "Purée" and Mushrooms


Plate of Pan Fried Mushrooms 16 €
Plate of Pan Fried Green Vegetables: Fresh Green Beans or Spinaches   16 €



Half Saint Marcellin  "R. Richard"   5 €

Whole Saint Marcellin "R.Richard"  7 €

Strained Cottage Cheese   4,50 €
Plain, with Cream or Mised Berry Coulis

Comté Cheese refined 24 Months   9 €
Cheese Dairy "Charles Arnaud" Poligny Jura


Dark "Valrhona" Chocolate Lava Cake   8 € 
Cottage Cheese Sorbet, Tuile Biscuit with Cocoa Nibs

Crispy "Mi-Choco-Caramel"   8 €
With its Vanilla Foaming Milk

Sligthly Warm Madeleine with Honey   8 €
Bitter Orange Coulis, Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberries "Cardinale" Style   9,50 €
​Vanilla Ice Cream, Red Berries Coulis, Whipped Cream

​Lemon Pie Meringue   8 €

​Home-Made Sorbets, Large Almond Tuile Biscuit   8 €

Gourmet Coffee   5 €
Coffee or Decaffeinated Expresso served with
a selection of  3 "Petits Fours"

Gourmet Coffee By 33 Cité   7 €
Coffee or Decaffeinated Expresso served with
a selection of  3 "Petits Fours"
and Home-Made Madeleine with Honey

  • Entrées

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